1. Expert Coin Magic Book
    Expert Coin Magic Book
    Learn Coin Magic from the man Dai Vernon said, "...has an amazing ability when performing with coins. He is truly a genius." Contents: Section One - Magic in the Hands Chapter 1 The Retention Vanish Fingertip Retention Vanish The Shuffle Pass Roth Palm Change Skinner's Spidergrip Vanish Lapping A Coin From the Closed Fist The Kaps Subtlety Benzais Friction Palm Three-Coin Click Pass The Flurry Stand up Flurry Climax Chapter 2 Deep Palm Tenkai Pennies Deep Palm Tenkai Double Vanish Deep Palm Tenkai Merge Karate Coin For Professional Performance Continuous Spellbound Pulling Off Ten Cents A Mighty Squeeze Squeeze It A Funnel Coin In Bottle New Wave Coin In Bottle Chapter 10 Out With Four Out With Five Out In Out Coins Through Hand Four Halves To Four Dimes A Chinese Climax Thumb Steal To Edge Grip Out With Four a la Edge Grip Copper Flight Triple Change Climax Copper/Silver For Magicians No.1 Copper/Silver For Magicians No.2 Three Silvers And One Copper The Sokito Box Four-Coin Transposition The Heavy Box Routine The Nokito box Section Three - Magic At The Table Chapter 11 The Table Purse And Glass The Ruler The Portable Hole The Micrometer The Planet The Funnel Linking Coins II The Rainbow The Sleeve Silly Putty The Salt Shaker The Stamp Trick The Tuning Fork Hardbound and Fully Illustrated Pages 369
  2. Coin Magic by Richard Kaufman
    Coin Magic by Richard Kaufman
    The first big coin book since Modern Coin Magic. Therein you will find an imposing repertory company of top names: Dai Vernon, David Roth, Sol Stone, Derek Dingle, Slydini, Edward Marlo, Ken Krenzel, Herb Zarrow, Geoffrey Latta, John Cornelius, Danny Korem, and others. There are new sleights and effects and handlings, and everything is fully described and supplemented by over 1000 lucid illustrations. It is a work designed to stand next to Bobo's book, a logical adjunctive treatise. It should be read with or after reading Modern Coin Magic, for it strives to move beyond Bobo's text, taking further steps or by providing wholly new avenues.
  3. Dai Vernon Book of Magic
    Dai Vernon Book of Magic
    Martin Breese wrote: "One of the most important books of magic ever written." Max Holden said: "I consider Vernon the greatest man with a pack of cards of the present day." Many consider Dai Vernon, the professor, as one who had probably the biggest impact on magic in recent times. Dai Vernon covers a lot of ground with tricks spanning cards, coins, cups and balls, cone and ball, thimbles, rope, even stage effects such as the linking rings and a thumb tie are covered in great detail. This book is packed with extremely strong magic. You will not find a single effect which is mediocre. Many detailed photographs show Vernon and Vernon's hands in action.
  4. Wise Guy by Harry Anderson
    Wise Guy by Harry Anderson
    Here at last, is the whole story behind America's most successful comedy magician. From his early days in the street, to head-lining in night clubs and casino showrooms, to the starring role on TV's hit series, Night Court. Wise Guy begins with hilarious stories from Harry's apprenticeship as a street entertainer. Watch his character 'Harry the Hat' slowly evolve over years of performing. Wise Guy includes a wide array of close-up effects, sight-gags, mentalism and virtually all of the stand-up routines that made Harry Anderson a headline act including The Needle thru Arm, Linking Finger Rings, Handcuffs, 3-Card Monarch Monte, and many, many more! Drawing from years of friendship and hours of video and audio recordings, Mike Caveney reveals just how wise a guy Harry Anderson really is. Pages: 167 - 8.5" x 9" - Hardcover with dust jacket - Black and white illustrations and photos
  5. Cardially Yours Volume 2
    Cardially Yours Volume 2
    Volume Two of Magic, Inc.'s Marlo Trilogy. Cardially Yours is an anthology of card magic like no other. Detailed Description Between these covers you'll encounter classic works of legendary Chicago card magician, Edward Marlo including: • Early Marlo • Pasteboard Presto • Amazing, Isn't It? • Marlo's Discoveries • Oddity & Other Miracles • Let's See the Deck • Off the Top • Marlo in Spades • The Cardician These seminal texts embody some of Marlo's finest and most influential creations. From self-working miracles requiring no sleight-of-hand, to knuckle-busting sleights, shuffles, moves and flourishes, Cardially Yours contains a potpourri of prestidigitation with Marlo?s first love-playing cards. Magician-foolers share the pages with audience-tested, reputation-making tricks. Edited and photographed by Gabe Fajuri, with introduction by two of Marlo's most prolific students: Simon Aronson and David Solomon. "Can you imagine what it must have been like, to be sitting at Ed's table, and be dumbfounded as Ed produced a signed card from the tabled card case? I envy you to whom some of this material is truly new. Because here you don't have to choose between what?s new or what's good. In this volume, you get it all." -Simon Aronson "This book dramatically and entertainingly reveals why Marlo was always 'ahead of his time,' providing strong card magic that ultimately proved to be timeless, applicable to all times, for all magicians." -Jon Racherbaumer Black Madison McKinnon Deck Everything you loved in the White Edition has been kept in this Limited Edition, with only 5,000 decks printed. Traditionally cut, Mnemonica Stacked and including the Angle Z Gaff Card, this is one of those rare occasions where the temptation to use the cards in a rare deck may just get the better of you.
  6. Revolutionary Card Technique by Ed Marlo
    Revolutionary Card Technique by Ed Marlo
    Here it is-the legendary Ed Marlo's entire "Revolutionary Card Technique" series all together in one volume! With over 500 pages, more than 1000 illustrations and 14 chapters covering all aspects of advanced manipulation, this is the most complete single reference book on card magic available. It was a classic in its time and is still an essential volume for any serious card worker's library. Newly edited and illustrated for clarity and ease-of-use, the wealth of information contained can elevate your card work to new heights. Contents: Preface by Bill Malone Introduction by David Ben Cardician Marlo by Frances Marshall Acknowledgements Detailed Contents I. Miracle Card Changes II. Action Palm III. Fingertip Control IV. The Side Steal V. The Tabled Palm VI. The Faro Shuffle VII. Faro Notes VIII. Seconds, Centers and Bottoms (Part One) IX. Seconds, Centers and Bottoms (Part Two) X. Seconds, Centers and Bottoms (Part Three) XI. The Multiple Shift XII. Card Switches XIII. Estimation (Part One) XIV. Estimation (Part Two) Index Pages 538 - Hardbound
  7. Madison McKinnon Deck - Black
    Madison McKinnon Deck - Black
    A striking, beautifully minimalistic box with the foiled KINGS emblem on the front. Nothing more, nothing less. Two simple phrases to live by reside on each side. Featuring an Angle Z Gaff Card, traditionally cut edges and a Mnemonica stack straight from the box, Daniel Madison and Peter McKinnon have strengthened the force of the KINGS brand in what we're sure will become one of your favorite decks in performance.
  8. Madison Rounders Deck
    Madison Rounders Deck
    Gold Madison Rounders by Daniel Madison. Simple, yet sleek. A beautiful deck crafted by Daniel Madison using MetalLux gold foil technology from USPCC. A must have for all card collectors.
  9. Morgan and Standing Liberty Dollars
    Morgan and Standing Liberty Dollars
  10. Foo Can
    Foo Can
    Water poured into this great item and when you turn it upside down to pour water out, the water has vanished. Cast a shadow over the foo can and the water re-appears. You can pour out the water a little at a time or all at once. Great for use together with the comedy funnel.